Introducing a New Non-Profit on the SheGives Slate: Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Bridge Over Troubled Waters offers homeless and high-risk youth support and services that help them find a path to self-sufficiency. The services that Bridge offers include their Mobile Medical Van, which offers confidential medical care to at-risk youth; their day program, which offers life skills workshops as well as showers and hot meals; and their counseling services. Bridge also runs the only emergency youth shelter in Boston, where homeless young people can get short-term housing while they get on their feet. Having a safe and stable place to live allows these young adults to work on finding permanent housing without having fear of where they will sleep that night hanging over their heads.

Bridge also offers an educational program for students who have been unable to complete high school. The program allows students to work at their own pace and offers a flexible class schedule to allow those who need to work around a child care or job schedule to access an education. This program works to accommodate each student’s different learning style and help them make the most of their education so that when they complete the program, they are ready to take on their future academic and career goals. When that time comes, Bridge also provides college and career counselors to help students find their paths and excel.

The variety of programs offered by Bridge Over Troubled Waters means that they can find resources and services that fit the diverse needs of homeless and high-risk teenagers and young adults.

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