SheShinesOn…Kate Pickle, Science Club for Girls


As Senior Program Director, she manages the oversight and growth of SCFG's K-12 programming.

Grew up in Maine

Her last vacation was a US coast-to-coast road trip

Best gift she ever received was a 3-week Eurorail pass, with which she travelled throughout Germany

Q: What did you do before joining Science Club for Girls?

I started my career in environmental consulting focused on dredge material management, but my desire to teach never left me. As I discovered the field of informal education, I realized it was a perfect fit for me and the way I learned personally. I have spent the last 12+ years of my career working both locally and nationally – mostly through Girl Scouts – to engage youth to explore the world around them, find their passion, and follow their dreams.

Q: 12 years is a a lot of experience! Of that time what has best prepared you to work with SCFG?

Every step along my winding and varied career path has prepared me for the next step. Having started with a background in science, I am better able to make the connection between STEM professionals and the importance of our mission. Through my work in and with small, local non-profits to large, national organization and companies, I have gained invaluable insight into the opportunities and challenges in a wide variety of groups. Each of these experiences and partnerships have strengthened my skills in program development and implementation, grant management, community engagement, partnership building, stewardship, and strategic thinking.

Q: Has anything in your work with SCFG surprised you?

The organizations I have worked with over my career have always relied on volunteers to present their programs – and ideally we have always wanted folks who work and/or study in the fields associated to the content we offer – not always an easy task. I am not only impressed by the dedication of our volunteers, but also by the volunteer management structure that has been put in place to support and inspire them. I believe that volunteers feel that they get as much out of working with us as they give to us and our girls. Everyday that I go out to a program and talk with the girls and parents we serve, I hear about how our program has helped girls understand passions and future opportunities available to them that they may never thought possible: be it an interest in STEM or the simple idea that college is an option.  With the help of our amazing volunteers, we are able to make those real-world connections that help girls truly see themselves in these fields.

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