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My Life My Choice.  College Bound Dorchester.  TeachPlus :: T3 Initiative.  RAW Art Works.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls.  Museum of Science Engineering is Elementary.   BUILD.  Science Club for Girls. 

Please give to one of the nonprofits on the SheGives slate with your GlobeGrant check — because you want your check to matter.  And these nonprofits are effective.

Through the Boston Globe’s GlobeGrant Program, all Globe subscribers receive a check to make out to their chosen Massachusetts nonprofit.  Cool, right?  Want to know more about the Boston Globe’s generous and inspiring GlobeGrant program?  Read about it here:  https://services.bostonglobe.com/grant/SubFaq.aspx



RAW Art Works. Ignites creativity and confidence.

RAW Art Works is an art therapy space and gallery for kids in Lynn, a largely working class immigrant community.  RAW uses art to ignite creativity and inspire confidence. And keep kids in school.  Recognized especially for its innovative film school, its teens produced films that screened at 11 film festivals around the U.S. and won two national awards.





TeachPlus :: T3 Initiative. Effective teaching.

Teach Plus :: T3 Initiative puts teams of high performing teachers into the most desperately failing public schools in Boston. A provocative approach that challenges settled thinking, the T3 Initiative goes into “turnaround” schools with the aim of raising teaching effectiveness, and student test scores.  And the T3 Initiative is not just about any one school — it is about finding a solution toward widespread educational reform with teachers taking the lead.




College Bound Dorchester. Transforming Dorchester through education.

College Bound Dorchester is using education to transform  Dorchester.  College Bound Dorchester works to ensure that all students view success in college not just as a possibility in their lives but as a baseline expectation.  A groundbreaking and effective college track for high risk kids, its theory of addressing “the disruptors” and getting them on track and into college is disrupting the systemic cycle of poverty in this community.



BUILD Boston. Entrepreneurialism is the hook. Education is the end.


BUILD Boston teaches entrepreneurial skills to high-risk high school kids as a way to get them on a college track.  Highly successful in Silicon Valley where they launched, BUILD is doing its first large pilot roll-out in Boston with aims to scale nationally.




Science Club for Girls. Curiosity. Problem-solving.

Science Club for Girls , led by scientist Connie Chow, Ph. D., a recipient of the 2012 Mass High Tech Women to Watch Award, Science Club produces breakthrough programming in science, technology, math and engineering skills for low-income girls in the Boston area.




BMOS’s Engineering Adventures. After-school science programs for every kid.

Boston Museum of Science’s Engineering Adventures Program is an extension of its Engineering is Elementary curriculum work for primary school children.  Engineering Adventures, an out-of-school engineering curriculum for use by the Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, Girls and Boys’ Clubs and many, many other kids’ after school programs further expands the BMOS push to ensure that underrepresented populations gain science and technological literacy – and learn the skills to ask questions, imagine, plan and create solutions to real-world problems.




My Life My Choice. Because girls should not be bought and sold.

My Life My Choice combats the sex trafficking of girls in Massachusetts.  Yes, it’s here.   And just knowing it’s here scorches your very soul.  Yes, we can do something about it.  My Life My Choice works to help girls who are slaves to pimps.  To identify and prevent girls vulnerable to it before they get into it.  To train the rest of us when and where to spot it.




Lovin' Spoonfuls.  Give them some lovin'.  We are.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls. Give them some lovin’. We are.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls is on the forefront of a national movement to address perishable food waste.  Food waste is an issue that raises environmental, fiscal and hunger issues. Ashley Stanley has created a simple and elegant solution of moving mountains of good perishable food from top restaurants and grocers around Boston to the homeless and needy.


 SheGives connects committed, inquisitive, engaged funders with a slate of diligenced nonprofits in the Greater Boston area.  We provide members with relevant data about the nonprofits in our portfolio and an opportunity to meet directly with our nonprofits’ Executive Directors and senior staff in small settings that promote in-depth q&a’s and, ultimately, informed giving.  Giving is personally driven, but because we give side-by-side our collective impact is greater.

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