WhoIsShe? SheGives Leadership Circle Member Kate Enroth


Married with 3 children

Enjoys reading and skiing in the winter, and is learning to play tennis

Favorite food is pizza (honestly!)

Admits that she actually enjoys listening to pop music on the radio while driving with her children

Her last vacation was a 10 day safari in Kenya!

Born and raised in New York, now living in Beacon Hill

Q: Out of everything going on in your life right now, what would you say is the most exciting?

A: The most exciting thing going on in my life right now has to do with a weekend house my husband and I bought in Middletown, Rhode Island. We are renovating this house with a beautiful view of Second Beach that is adjacent to St. George’s School where our daughter is in her Sophomore year of high school.

Q: That sounds amazing! Middletown is gorgeous. So, outside of those renovations, how do you enjoy spending your time?

A: I really enjoy the time I spend on volunteer work for local organizations in Beacon Hill like the Nichols House Museum, The Beacon Hill Circle of Charity and The Friends of the Public Garden.

Q: Wow, sounds like you’ve got a lot going on! Now, let’s switch gears for a second and talk about your involvement with SheGives. What made you want to become a SheGives Leadership Circle Member?

A: I wanted to support the leadership circle because I think the creation of SheGives has been such an exciting success, and I understand that it took the founding board members a lot of time and energy to get us this far. I am grateful for all they have done, and I want to help in some way to make it succeed in the future.

Q: One last question: who brought you into SheGives and what do you like best about her?

A: I know both Kirstan Barnett and Kathy Taudvin from my book club. We have been in the same small book club for over ten years together. What I like best about both of them is that they are smart, fun women and are inspired to start this amazing giving circle to help people in need.  Plus, they are both wonderful cooks which makes our book club meetings a true delight!

SheGives Black Circle Logo[2]
SheGives connects committed, inquisitive, engaged donors with a slate of diligenced nonprofits in the Greater Boston area. We provide members with relevant data about the nonprofits in our portfolio and an opportunity to meet directly with our nonprofits’ Executive Directors and senior staff in small settings that promote in-depth q&a’s and, ultimately, informed giving. Giving is personally driven, but because we give side-by-side our collective impact is greater. See a list of the vetted nonprofits selected for our slate here.

WhoIsShe is a regular column featuring an appreciative but sometimes irreverent conversation with a SheGives Member.

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