She Is: Board of Directors

She Gives Board of Directors

Kirstan Barnett

Founder & President, Board Chair

kirstanI hit a point in my life when I wanted to give more, in a much more considered way.  It turns out, a lot of friends did too.  So we put together a carefully vetted slate of diverse and innovative philanthropies around Boston, and sharing those attracted more friends.  Each individual member decides how much and to which nonprofit on our slate she wants to give — giving together justifies the intense level of diligence for our slate.  Giving together amplifies each of us as individuals, all of us as an ensemble and everyone to whom we give.

Dina Ciarimboli

Founding Board Member

dinaIn my work with venture capital firms, venture-backed companies and entrepreneurs, I am amazed by their drive to innovate and absolute fearlessness. I have learned so much about success and failure, and believing in yourself through it all. I want to support those in the nonprofit world who are just as innovative and passionate — about changing the way we identify, define and address social issues — and who find ways to instill the drive to succeed, and ability to overcome failure, in others. Particularly the less advantaged.

Laura Gassner Otting

Founding Board Member

lauraI have spent the last twenty years at the intersection of passion and purpose, and have seen time and again tiny ripples of hope and kindness and generosity that turn into tidal waves of change for causes that matter. SheGives, to me, is just that: the women, each a tiny ripple who individually, and then collectively, have the power to make great change by investing in nonprofits who are doing work at the vanguard of innovation.

Carla McCall

Board Member & Treasurer

I work every day with clients who are tackling issues like hunger, homelessness, affordable housing, nutrition, children’s services, and access to healthcare. This work has led to a shared passion for the same causes, and AAFCPAs celebrates the many nonprofits that enrich our lives by donating 10% of our net income annually back to nonprofits. I am excited to be a part of SheGives because I believe in the power of the collective and our ability to support social change. I am also excited to be among this membership of exceptional women leaders. My experience lends itself well, not only to the diligence process for the non-profits on our slate, but also to the requirements of SheGives as an organization.

Sydney Atkins Mason

Board Member