SheIs: Founding Members & Fellows

Leadership Circle & Founding Members

Geraldine Acuna | Founding Board Member
Kirstan Barnett | Founder & President, Board Chair
Dina Ciarimboli | Founding Board Member
Laura Gassner Otting | Founding Board Member
Sydney Atkins-Mason | Board Member 
Valerie Friedman | Board Member 
Carla McCall | Board Member & Treasurer 
Katherine Westlund-Scott | Board Member 

Naomi Aberly
Pamela Aldsworth
Jennifer Antolini Bradner
Maria Cirino
Megan Cooney
Ellie Cornish Chu
Anne Columbia
Merit Cudkowicz
Juhi Ginger Dagli
Farah Darliette
Natalie Robins DeNormandie
Karen DeTemple
Anna Dodson
Kate Enroth
Liz Fries
Erin Gates
Denise Gee
Michelle Gillespie
Kathleen Gregor
Shar Heslam
Rachel Herschenfeld
Beth Hoffman
Megan Kelleher
Candice Lau-Hansen
Danielle Lauzon
Diane Lim
Jennifer Lum
Lisel Macenka
Jessica Maniatis
Julie McVeigh
Jennifer Mitchell
Diane Mulcahy
Robin Painter
Valerie Post
Deirdre Prescott
Katie Rae
Sarah Reed
Loretta Richard
Nina Ross
Elizabeth de Saint-Aignan
Jackie L. Segel
Jacqueline Shoback
Nancy Simonian
Katherine Taudvin
Nicole Underwood
Cynthia Walden
Tamsen Webster
Mira Genser Woods
Janet Wu
Nancy Zimmerman

Current Fellows

Jessica Taylor Price, Media Fellow | Graduate of the University of Chicago

Jessica graduated from the University of Chicago in 2010 with a degree in English, and earned her masters degree in English from Brandeis University in 2013. Her masters thesis focused on women and agency in the early 18th-century novel. She currently works as the National Social Media & Communications Coordinator at Teach Plus.

Makenzie Peterson, Financial Analysis & Research Fellow | Graduate of the University of Utah

Makenzie graduated from the University of Utah with an MSc in Health Promotion & Education with her masters project focusing on assessing the effectiveness of humanitarian, nonprofit, health programs in Ghana. Makenzie is a certified rape crisis counselor and community advocate and prevention specialist with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. She also volunteered with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts as a Research Committee Member, and at Planned Parenthood as a clinic escort. As a volunteer with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, Makenzie personally gave testimony before two legislative hearing committees on behalf of bills that protected and expanded access to sexual and reproductive health care services in Massachusetts.

Renee Quinn, Financial Analysis & Research Fellow | Graduate of Millersville University 

Renee graduated from Millersville University in 2009 with a degree in Public Relations, and earned her masters degree in Sport Administration in 2011. During her time at Millersville University she was a member of the NCAA Division II Field Hockey Team. She currently works at Endicott College as the Associate Director of Leadership Giving and is a Youth in Philanthropy Instructor for the Foundation for MetroWest. She also received her professional fundraising certificate from Boston University in 2016.