Hate Planks But Looove College Bound Dorchester…?!



Laura Gassner Otting (SheGives Founding Board Member amongst many other incredible titles like Founder, Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group, Board of Directors College Bound Dorchester) prompted us with this question: Hate Planks but Love College Bound Dorchester? She’s spearheading a Plank Competition to support College Bound Dorchester, one of our original slate of nonprofits, and has challenged us to form a SheGives Plank Team.  You can support college track programming for some of the toughest-to-reach kids in a community where less than one-quarter of the population has a college degree – all while getting beach body ready for summer weather – which by the looks of it outside, could be any month now?!

The concept is simple: Each person donates a minimum of $10.  We start on Monday, February 1 with 20 seconds, from wherever we want to plank — it’s totally virtual — and add a little more time each day.  On the last day, you see how long you can hold it.  Half of the proceeds go to College Bound Dorchester, a quarter go to whichever planker holds for the longest overall, and a quarter goes to captain of the team with the most overall minutes.  More plankers means more money for College Bound! To sign up, read about the challenge, the rules and where to send your $$$ click here | Read more about CBD here.

Article by Kirstan Barnett.

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