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Naomi Aberly

Want to feel inspired? Listen to Naomi talk about her work as a fundraiser for progressive causes. She’s informed, passionate, and thoughtful—a total force to be reckoned with.


Geraldine Acuna

Founding Board Member | Leadership Circle

When the world’s most devastating typhoon hit her hometown in the Phillipines, she got on the first flight out to do what she could to help. And what was that? In addition to exhausting hands-on work, she became the quarterback of an effort that brought together multiple countries and dozens of powerful international agencies and donors who poured in desperately needed food, medical relief and other resources. Talk about a storm.

Derivatives and Counterparty Attorney at a Boston hedge fund


Sheela Agarwal


An MGH physician who also has degrees in Economics and Finance, and is a self-proclaimed IT wonk, she’s a woman with the STEM skills covered in spades. She relaxes with Bikram yoga. Which is pretty intense as a wind down, right? She is also passionate about philanthropy, travel and friends and family.  And yes, she is the one at the MLMC meeting who asked the really smart question about medical assistance for sex trafficking victims.

Diagnostic Radiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital


Pamela Aldsworth

Leadership Circle


She is as accomplished as she is understated, down-to-earth, open and approachable. A well known, well-respected and widely admired financing guru in Boston’s sometimes self-promoting entrepreneurial and venture capital community (we said sometimes), when you ask her what she’s good at she says simply, “I am extremely loyal.” She is way, way more than that. But that is pretty damn cool.

Managing Director, SVB Capital


Jennifer Antolini Bradner


She says that the last super thrill-seeking thing she did was kayak a 17 mile stretch down the Napoli Coast in six foot swells 7 years ago. That would hold us over for a while, too. She is now juggling a demanding job at a hedge fund with raising three kids while her husband Jay travels the world to find a cure for cancer. So it sounds like she’s engaged in some super human feats every minute.

Deputy General Counsel, Boston hedge fund


Sydney Atkins

Board Member | Leadership Circle


She launched and sold a business focused on girls’ lacrosse equipment while at MIT and now works advising entrepreneurs. She is as avid about pursuing outdoor adventures (she’s ridden the Tour de France route and competes in triathlons) as she is about empowering girls to grow into strong women and is actively, passionately, impact-fully engaged in both.  And more.

Investment Advisor, Goldman Sachs


Kirstan Barnett

Founder & President, Board Chair | Leadership Circle


Adept at tackling the unknown, a tsunami of determination, with a brain that’s already four steps ahead, this is the woman you want in your corner. Has a sharp and opinionated eye on the Boston restaurant scene. Loves California & Wyoming — the size of both combined can’t hold a candle to her heart — as well as Rome, rescued dogs, cooking, wine and reading. Her home has, quite possibly, the coolest interior design around.

Founder, SheGives
Partner, General Counsel, Boston hedge fund


Meredith Basque


Closing in on a century cycle ride for charity. Also skis, hikes and travels. Her husband’s favorite work-out buddy, because she is fun.  And sweet.  And determined.  We just love that.  Raised two daughters while a principal of an architectural and interior design firm.  When you hear from her, it is with a thoughtful compliment and a warm hello.   What a delight.

Principal, StudioBasque Boston

Maria Briseno


Business Development & Investor Relations, Boston hedge fund


Heidi Brooks


Adventure-seeker. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro; looking for buddies for her ascent of Everest. SheGives members:  anyone?  (Judging from the other bio’s she is looking for climbing companions in the right crowd.)  Travel maven; has seen 79 countries so far. On the boards of Crittenton Women’s Union, Associated Grantmakers, My Sister’s Keeper.

Chief Operating Officer, The Schott Foundation for Public Education

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Kate Bueker


Kate is one of those people who has just done something neat every time you run into her (which isn’t often enough). What have you been up to, Kate? “Oh my sister and I just ate through Italy for her birthday.” “Oh, Asia last week.” “Oh, not much, just got back from Truro, where we had a dinner for forty.” “Oh, not much, just threw a party with friends in the South End . . .” She works in high tech, sits on a number of Boards, plays tennis and golf. And has a lot of fun.

VP of Finance – Akamai Technologies


Lynda Ceremsak

Ho hum. Just another SheGives member who has climbed Mount Kilamanjaroo with her husband and two teenaged kids. After an impressive career, she is full-time parenting now, and says she runs to keep sane. Very intellectually curious by nature, she is passionate about learning about the world and its inhabitants. Note to the wise if you end up in your first tennis match against her, her serve is fierce.


Joanne Chang


You already knew that she is one of Boston’s star chefs. And that she studied applied math at Harvard before deciding that baking was her passion — because we told you at our very first SheGives nonprofit event to celebrate Lovin’ Spoonfuls, when you met her. Did you know that her company, FLOUR, has an incredibly generous philanthropy program and policy? And that she ran the Boston Marathon every year between 1991 and 2006?

Co-Owner, Myers + Chang/Flour Bakery


Dina Ciarimboli

Founding Board Member


Can whip up a meal for twenty with nothing in the pantry on two hours’ notice. We know, because we’ve been with her when her husband texts at 4:00pm that he’s handed out some invites.  And it will be the funnest night you had that month. No to mention delicious. You want to be in her rolodex. Just launched outside counsel firm for venture capitalists.

Founder, VCGC


Maria Cirino


A mega-watt Boston-based entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. We hear she is an angel to good restaurants, too.  We are waiting for an introduction to a few chefs around town so we can get last-minute seats.  Everyone wants to work with her, everyone wants to be her friend.  Us too.

Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder and Managing Director, 406 Ventures


Anne Columbia

Leadership Circle


We are embarrassed to admit it, but we love that she was a “Most Stylish Bostonian” in 2011. Between her impressive professional and philanthropic work she is so much more substantive than that sounds. She runs her own commercial real estate advisory firm and when asked her “What are the secrets to looking good in a hard-hat area?” She replied, “Never wear black-suede heels, don’t worry about your hair, and just smile a lot.”

Corporate Real Estate Advisor, Columbia Group Realty


Ellie Cornish Chu


We hope that she doesn’t kill us for sharing that in high school she was on both the debate team and the cheerleading squad. But we think it truly reveals her. A native of Savannah, Georgia, she is smart and persuasive one minute, and an absolute charm to be around the next. A team player who throws herself into things with both seriousness and enthusiasm, she brings a spark to everything. A mother, hedge fund attorney and also very active in the ICA, as well as other Boston philanthropies.

Counsel, Boston hedge fund


Merit Cudkowicz


Marries great intellect with great warmth. One of the world’s leading researchers in ALS, her research on its source garners prestigious recognition. She juggles the extensive international travel that it requires to be a leading researcher as well as Chief of Neurology of one of the world’s leading hospitals with raising two teenaged kids.  She is also a great champion of others. And has a black belt in tae kwon do.

Read about her on our blog

Director of ALS Clinic & Chief of Neurology at Leading Boston Hospital


Juhi Ginger Dagli


Possibly the most international and glamorous person you could encounter on a stroll through Boston. An international frontline fundraiser for Boston University’s Global Leadership Development team, she oversees the Middle East and India regions. She travels, she reads. She practices Pranavayu yoga and threw her first split at the age of 42.

Read about her on our blog

International Fundraising, Boston University Global Leadership Development


Elizabeth DeMontigny


Ran the Boston, Chicago and Paris marathons before taking a break to run children around.  But her running shoes are not permanently shelved. Active in social justice causes, including on the Board of the Crittenton Women’s Union. She claims she is technically an introvert, but she is so easy and warm to approach that personally, we don’t see it.  She is a big reader.

Vice President, Investment Management, Goldman Sachs


Natalie DeNormandie

Leadership Circle


As founder/owner of a landscape architecture firm, she designs breathtaking spaces that bring new meaning to form and function. In fact, it’s quite likely that you’ve enjoyed one of her coveted outdoor dining spaces at a well-known Boston restaurant. Sharing good food with good people is one of her passions. She volunteers in her town on landscape and school-related issues. All this while gracefully, deliberately, raising her two lovely children.

Read about her on our blog

Principal, Sego Design


Elizabeth de Saint-Aignan


Single mother of three who makes investments in technology companies for TA Associates by day. Wow right there, right? Thats a lot. Elizabeth is smart and accomplished — and in the throes of intense juggling — and when we do get to see her, we just love being around her. Immensely good-hearted, interesting, warm and fun to be around.

Principal, TA Associates


Karen DeTemple


A rock star in the Boston nonprofit fundraising scene after initially launching her career in San Francisco. With particular expertise in the arts, in her second year as Director of ARTcetera, the sold-out event generated a record high of $700k to provide critical services to those affected, infected and at risk for HIV/AIDS. Her serious yoga practice includes teaching.

Principal, Karen DeTemple Consulting


Anna Dodson

Leadership Circle


Anna is a corporate partner at one of Boston’s top law firms, and also raising three children with her husband.  She has six brothers — six. (Not that she is raising them. We just think that perhaps knowing this, Kirstan should be getting some dating advice from her.) She is also on the Board of Accion Network and provides pro bono legal advice. Beyond lovely, and very, very competent. Obviously.

Financial Institutions Partner, Goodwin Procter


Kate Enroth

Leadership Circle

Born and raised in New York, she has fully embraced Boston after over a decade in Beacon Hill. A former hard-charging litigator, she now negotiates the schedule of three active children. Her volunteer work around town is comprehensive and committed. Voracious reader, ballet enthusiast.


Heidi Erlacher


Has run six marathons. So far. A much tamer version of her earlier athletic pursuit, which was rugby.  Her friends adore her for her intellectual curiosity, reliable generosity and because she is always up for a challenge.  And some adventure.  Actually, a lot of adventure.

Litigation Partner, Cooley LLP


Constance Everson


An exceptionally interesting conversationalist. Also an avid golf enthusiast and all-around good sport. The economic forecasting firm she co-founded is well-known for lively presentations and well-written reports in addition to accurate advice.  Hails from Montreal, which may explain her exceptional politeness.

Managing Director, Capital Markets Outlook Group, Inc.


Erika Faires


Always looking for the most interesting angle for pursuing anything, she started her marathon running career in Berlin. She ran the NYC marathon next and hopes some day to return to tackling athletic challenges. In the meantime, she is dedicated to her hedge fund career and tries to carve out time for her son and husband. Her intellectual pursuits are equally far-ranging — try to catch up with her often because she likes to change things up.

Director of Investor Relations, Boston hedge fund


Meredith Fisher


Mentors prison inmates. And young women committed to work in science. She has run over 10 marathons. Watches anything with Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Wanda Sykes in it. And is trying to perfect the fruit tart.  A scientific background, she has turned her insights into investment savvy in biotech, life sciences, technology.

Director of Private Investments, Boston hedge fund

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Sara Fleiss

She just launched a hedge fund that she co-founded, and has two small boys and a husband. But if we are going to be honest here — and we are, obviously — it is her golf game that makes our jaw drop. If you saw her long, soaring, elegantly-arced drive off the first tee anywhere, you’d know what we meant. She is also a voracious reader, a loyal and trustworthy friend and an incredibly well-grounded and generous human being

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Boston hedge fund

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Leigh Fraser

Currently training for a half-Ironman relay in Boulder, Colorado this summer. Which must be easy for her to find time to do, since other than that she does not have much going on. Except for her two children, husband and career as one of the most sought after derivatives attorneys on the East Coast, as a partner for one of Boston’s top law firms. Go Leigh. We can’t wait for our report on the Ironman.

Partner, Hedge Funds, Ropes & Gray


Valerie Friedman

Leadership Circle


A Boston native who landed on the bond trading floor at Solomon Brothers in her twenties where she made Managing Director. Throws great parties.  So she’s got some serious chops. But what makes her extraordinary special to us is that she is the very definition of big-hearted.  There are about twenty people in every room with a gathering in Boston who would say “Val Friedman?  Most generous person I ever met.  Hands down.”  She’s the one.

Principal, Boston hedge fund

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Inez Friedman-Boyce

She’s an accomplished lawyer, a mother of two, a wife, and a fan of skiing (it’s the one activity everyone in her family enjoys, so family ski trips are the norm!). Originally from Western Massachusetts, Inez spent a few years in DC for law school and has called Boston home ever since. She’s received awards for her pro bono work in civil rights litigation and is the President and Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights an Economic Justice. It’s safe to stay she’s a rockstar.

Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP


Liz Fries

Leadership Circle


She is the epitome of someone whose intellectual curiosity is obvious and deep, and sparks yours. In other words, among other things, she reads when she should be sleeping. Mother of three kids.  Recently went on an aid mission to Africa.  Also chair of the hedge fund practice group and a member of the executive committee at one of Boston’s pre-eminent firms.

Partner, Business Law Department, Goodwin Procter

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Joyce Fukami

An advocate for teaching financial literacy, Joyce is involved in the Office of Economic Empowerment’s “Credit for Life” initiative and has had leadership roles with with an international fiscal organization for years. When she’s not putting her financial skills to good use, Joyce can probably be found at a zumba class—in fact, she’s known as the “Mayor of Core Connection” and has hosted the Core Connection Zumba Summer Party for the last two years!


Laura Gassner Otting

Founding Board Member | Leadership Circle


Talks a million miles an hour, has her fingers in a billion pots, and knows a trillion people. She worked in the Clinton White House and helped create AmeriCorps. In constant motion, she is an astounding motivator and instigator but doesn’t know how to say no, and has a world class cursing lexicon but stinks at telling dirty jokes. And the feather in her cap? She’s the mother of the Junior Sartorialist

Founder and President, Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group


Erin Gates


Savvy and talented, she has leveraged her immense interior design skills and style into a stunningly successful business enterprise. She has a book coming out from Simon & Schuster, which is sure to be a blockbuster, because her blog already is. I mean, this is a thirty-something with a twitter feed of well over 18k. Oh. And her warmth and concern for others is palpable.

Principal, Erin Gates Design


Mira Genser Woods


Remarkable friend, generous connector, gifted athlete. Ran the Boston Marathon as a sighted guide for a blind runner. Multiple winner of her club’s Women’s Golf Championship. Founder of a growing marketing company with a strength in technology companies. Board Member of Best Buddies and Hebrew Senior Life.  Dynamic, friendly, sharp.

Read about her on our blog

Founder & Principal, MG Communications


Michelle Gillespie

Leadership Circle


It is so inspiring to meet an eternal optimist — who believes the best of everyone she meets, and sees the great potential in every situation and person. What a gift to her world that person is. That is Michelle. And we’re certain that her steadfast belief in goodness is one of the reasons everyone she has befriended, or mentored, is a loyal fan. She is a principal at a hedge fund and also the mother of two.

Principal, Highfields Capital


Ilona Goldfarb


Born in Russia, raised in San Francisco, she’s an old soul with a young heart. (And by old, we mean wise and generous.)  Always up for fun. To have her as a friend is to have her as family.

OB/GYN and Instructor in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Adria Goodson


Networked like mad, uses her powers for good. An adoring mother with a demonstrable combination of incisive intellect and authentic purpose. Often seen on the Huffington Post writing about the coolest social change you didn’t know was happening.

Director, Prime Movers Program at Hunt Alternatives Fund

New Member Misty Gray

Misty Gray

Able to change a boring house into a perfect home, creative, creative, creative describes Misty Gray. Launching her new interior design business, planning her wedding, and traveling to great new places keeps Misty busy. Oh yeah, and she is the 2012 Golden Globe Boxing Champion, so you want her in your corner in a fight.

Owner/Designer, Grayscale Design


Kat Saunders-Gregor


Loves to travel, ski, play on beaches, knit and crochet. Is juggling a career as a law firm attorney at one of Boston’s top firms with husband and kids. Advice to any new friends she picks up along the way: Kat is unendlingly optimistic and so we find it wise to temper her counsel greatly. Not only will you enjoy her positive energy, though, you will appreciate her fierce loyalty. She is a true friend forever.

Tax Attorney, Ropes & Gray

New Member Jameila Haddawi

Jameila Haddawi

A walking happy pill, Jameila Haddawi always find the best thing about any situation. You name it: floods, famine, pestilence, and there she is with a smile on her face and a heaping dose of happy perspective. She is a brilliant pediatrician and an excellent diagnostician, who balances family and friends and makes it look easy. She’s the ultimate “idea girl.” Got a problem? Looking for a creative idea for an event, a fundraiser, a vacation? She’s your gal.

Pediatrician, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

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Charlotte Hamill


While Charlotte says she is just trying to “squeeze in some fitness” while balancing life as a working mother, her athletic resume begs to differ! She’s run 4 marathons, summited 17 of the 4000 footers in New Hampshire (including a winter Mount Washington hike), 5 ultra overnight relays, and thats just the beginning! What you might not know? She may be addicted to shoes.

Senior Investment Analyst, Boston Area Hedge Fund

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Rachel Herschenfeld

Leadership Circle

Despite balancing a husband, three kids, and two dogs, not to mention getting quoted regularly in publications for her dermatological expertise, Rachel Herschenfeld still makes time to read constantly. It can be anything: medical journals, fantasy, young adult fiction, history. If it’s written, she’s reading it. And, she travels a ton too. Got an unsightly wrinkle? Got a suspicious mole? Got a question about what book to bring on your next vacation? The doctor is in the house.

Dermatologist & Partner, Dermatology Partners, Inc.


Shar Heslam


One of our two native Texans.  Lucky us. She has Texas charm in spades (read: “no one is pulling one over on our Shar”), and is a total softie under the tough exterior. You’ll find her pulling out a kleenex reading a greeting card. She juggles work at one of the country’s leading private equity funds with parenting three kids, and philanthropic work for her alma mater Cornell University.

Managing Director & General Counsel, Berkshire Partners


Elizabeth Hoffman


The most thoughtful midwesterner you’ll ever meet, but a fierce competitor in all endeavors. Does nothing at less than full throttle, from coaching her kids’ athletic teams to tackling marathon running. Can’t cook to save her life, but this one failing proves she’s human. Thank gosh.

Managing Director, Berkshire Partners


Megan Kelleher


Megan has just launched a hedge fund and — appropriately — loves to spend time investing. A powerhouse with two children, she serves as a Board member of the Victim Rights Law Center and loves to read. She is the absolute most fun, unpretentious and tell-it-like-it-is friend you could have, and we would absolutely go out for drinks with her all the time if she only had more time. We are grateful when she can.

CEO, Claragh Mountain Investments

New Member Amy Ko

Amy Ko


Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor, US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management


Sarah Kulka


She is raising two young daughters while working as the global head of marketing for an international energy consultant and also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Boston Collegiate Charter School. A former Division 1 college athlete and passionate believer in the power of team sports to raise confidence and connection, she also helps raise funds for Good Sports, which donates athletic equipment to disadvantaged young people.

Chief Marketing Officer, L.E.K. Consulting

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Candace Lau-Hansen


Candace recently moved from New York to Boston and is a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan. She loves to sail, particularly with her two boys. So much so that they spent a year sailing over 8000 miles while homeschooling all the way. Now that’s an adventure!

Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

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Jennifer Lammers


National Program Director, Alliance for Nonprofit Management

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Danielle Lauzon


If anyone is curious what kind of woman Danielle is, just know this: Despite having never even run a half marathon, she is currently training for the 2016 Boston Marathon to raise funds for Title IX Girls Running Club, a non-profit focused on the mental, physical, and emotional development of adolescent girls. She’s also a wife, mother of three daughters, a corporate attorney, and a wannabe lounge singer (her favorite songs are “Piano Man” and “Sweet Child O’Mine”). Definitely a woman after our own hearts.

Partner, Goodwin Procter LLC


Farah Darliette Lewis


A soprano vocalist and opera singer, currently focusing her passion and time on advancing her artistry. Catch a performance around town (particularly if you missed her stunning welcoming aria at our launch party). Also loves travel, cooking and art in all forms.  Bravo!

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Varda Lief

Bio TK

Diane Lim -

Diane Lim


Founder of Lim Design Studio, she is an amazing Boston architect who loves Korean food and traveling. She makes her own kimchi for the Chinese New Year party she throws every year. In her parallel life, Diane, a sports junkie, would be an ESPN reporter. Like we imagine all ESPN reporters do, she even favors a single malt whiskey.

Owner, Lim Design Studio

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Jennifer Lum


She is one of the most sought after tech entrepreneurs in town, having just launched one company following on the success of a couple of others. We hear that she was also involved in planning the tech community parties, Ruby Riot and Boston Boogie. And that’s not even the most exciting thing she’s got going on.  Which would be her recent engagement.  Congrats, Jennifer.

Co-Founder, Adelphic Mobile


Lisel Macenka


The best wingwoman the world ever made, everyone who knows her knows that there is not anything that she won’t do for her girlfriends. And that includes everything from taking a trip to Mexico to learn to surf with you to bringing you the world’s best no-red eye drops when your life turned tragic. “Because,” as Lisel says, “Nobody needs to know your pain but those of us who have your back.” And she does. She always does.

Read about her on our blog

Chairman of the Board, New England Center for Children


Jessica Maniatis


SheGives graphic designer. An entrepreneur, certified-yoga instructor and eternal optimist, Jessica’s energy is all happiness, intensity and passion. And perhaps a small part of that is that she is still in the throes of newlywed bliss. But sharing in her optimism, we think her bliss is more of a permanent state — that comes from her being a person whose values and compass are eternally grounded. And heading true North.

Read about her on our blog

Owner & Creative Director, JSGD


Carla McCall

Board Member & Treasurer | Leadership Circle


Recognized as one of the leading women in the accounting field, you’d never know it from the lovely, mild-mannered person that belies her superstar resume. Just as often guiding nonprofits through the financial forest as cheering for her children at gymnastics, or with them at rock concerts.

Co-Managing Partner, Alexander Aronson Finning CPAs.


Beth McDermott


One of the most gracious and authentic women you’ll meet. Want proof? Just watch her walk across the Boston College campus, where faculty and administration wave her down for a chat to share their progress and thank her for counsel and selfless support.

Associate Vice President, Capital Giving, Boston College


Kathleen McQuiggan


No one has done more work to further the goals of advancing women in leadership positions — or skill-sets — than Kathleen. She has focused her extraordinary vision — and efforts — on that single goal in a series of relevant and overlapping roles professionally, personally and philanthropically for years. She is one great, heartfelt and very effective cheerleader for us — all of us — and for that, we thank her.

Read about her on our blog

SVP, Gender Diversity Initiatives, Pax World Management, LLC


Laurie McTeague


A founder of Trust for Learning, she is committed to initiatives focused on reframing education to meet children’s developmental needs. She also does some seemingly super-human juggling acts, like moving three children to a new city when she and her husband were commuting back for work. Laurie practices yoga, studies Italian and cooks elaborate meals from her farm share. Namaste.

Co-Founder, Trust for Learning

juliemcveighmiddlepointing (1)

Julie McVeigh


If you are traveling with Julie and find out that, say, the Paris Marathon is happening while you are there, look out! Next thing you know, you’re crossing the finish line after jumping into the race. Game to try anything, keen on social purpose, and always asking what really matters, Julie has the rare ability cut through the noise and do well while doing good.

Founder & Managing Director, Fresh Pond Capital

no pic picture

Jennifer Mitchell

Most likely to be confused with Babe Paley. Except that Babe most likely didn’t marry charm and style with such a searingly analytical mind, intense drive and unvarnished directness. If you want a friend who will give you a dead honest assessment of whether your next career move is strategic, your current boyfriend is a keeper or chartreuse looks good on you, you want Jennifer. We certainly do.

Managing Director, Tiedemann Wealth Management


Diane Mulcahy


World traveler, yoga enthusiast, author, best aunt ever. The ultimate master of the portfolio life, and everyone’s “first phone call” for smart thinking about start-ups.  She has taken two separate years off to travel the world, was a competitive college athlete and now practices yoga.

Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation, and Adjunct Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Babson College

no pic picture

Susan Mullaney


It is said that no one has ever run into Sue when she hasn’t — regardless of what is going on in her day — pulled it together to offer up a smile and a sincere, “How are you doing today?” Her goodness and energy are contagious. Thank god. Because we could all be more Sue. A hedge fund recruiter, wife and the mother of four incredibly successful athletes, she also just ran her 20th marathon, this one to raise money for Stepping Strong. And that’s just perfect. Because if anyone is stepping strong, it’s Sue. We love her stride.

Director of Human Capital Development, Boston hedge fund

no pic picture

Marian Nakada


A relatively recent transplant from Pennsylvania, she is the mother of two grown girls and spends time as a home hospice volunteer and dedicated to her career. Oh, and she’s made it through a 90 minute Bikram yoga class – once.

Vice President, Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation


Robin Painter


She recently spent a month of solitude in an open air house in Costa Rica with little electricity and a pile of good things to read, so she is certainly your current best source of advice on what to read. She prefers fiction. That was a once-in-a-lifetime sanctuary and escape for her, as she is the corporate chair and global co-head of private investments for a major international law firm. A wife and mother of two teenaged sons, she is trying to squeeze the last drop of parenthood out before becoming an empty nester.

Corporate Chair & Global Co-head of Private Investments, Proskauer


Dawna Paton


A current business and nonprofit advisor, angel investor and philanthropist, and a former scientist, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Dawna is that exciting kind of accomplished friend who surprises at every turn. “You’re doing what?” comes to mind often and delightedly. She loves meteororology, rabbits, cycling and shooting pistols. See? Case closed.

Executive Officer, C-Suite


Deirdre Prescott


When she is not running the wealth advisory firm she founded a few years ago, she is driving to/from and attending the sporting events of her very active kids with her husband. Her hallmark, reported by her many friends who have known her forever, is her trustworthiness and discretion.  How would you describe Deirdre, we asked a close friend.  “Principled.”

Founder & President, Sandy Cove Advisors


Katie Rae


The Boston Globe’s Scott Kirsner dubbed her “the high-profile ringmaster of Boston’s start-up circus.”  A state champion soccer player at a young age, she says “life is a team sport.”  No matter the team — robotics, theater, softball — “Jump in.”  Winning at a young age — on a team — was one of the most significant experiences of her life.  An improviser.  A champion of others.  And, she cries when she is happy.  We’ve seen it on youtube.

Managing Director, Project 11


Sarah Reed


She does the November Project — you know, the work out bandits who race up and down every section of the Harvard Stadium steps every Wednesday at 5:30am? As we were limping down, she was lapping us on her way up ahead of the pack of college kids on her tail. She charges up — the Harvard steps and in life — with gusto. General Counsel of a venture capital firm, mother of three kids and four pets.

COO & GC, MPM Capital

Loretta Richard

Loretta Richard

Leadership Circle


We would like to focus on how fabulously warm and real and caring she is, how genuinely and deeply interested she is in hearing others’ stories, and how accomplished she is as a partner for a top Boston law firm. But mostly, we want to say — please send her your thoughts and prayers as she devotes herself to caring for her mother, who has Stage 4 breast cancer. We’re with you, Loretta.

Tax & Benefits Partner, Ropes & Gray

no pic picture

Nina Ross


President and co-founder of a private investment management firm, wife and mother. She also finds time to serve as Chairman of the Board of the Boston Collegiate Charter School, where she has been a deeply dedicated leader for over a decade. Her schedule would make most entirely frazzled, and yet, whenever we are lucky enough to catch up with her she is the picture of loveliness. And fun.

President & Co-Founder, Rostam Capital


Kristin Russell

When she admits to you at a party that she drove the Harvard Shuttle Bus while in college and crashed it into parked cars, she is A) winning you over with her humility and self-deprecating charm, B) giving you fair warning or C) both? Either way, we really like that about her. She is a former competitive figure skater, and currently a single mother and a physician pursuing an executive MBA with a business launch in mind. Yea. Wow.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

no pic picture

Kate Saltonstall


Chief Investment Officer, Sandy Cove Advisors


Kat Saunders-Gregor


Loves to travel, ski, play on beaches, knit and crochet. Is juggling a career as a law firm attorney at one of Boston’s top firms with husband and kids. Advice to any new friends she picks up along the way: Kat is unendlingly optimistic and so we find it wise to temper her counsel greatly. Not only will you enjoy her positive energy, though, you will appreciate her fierce loyalty. She is a true friend forever.

Tax Attorney, Ropes & Gray


Jackie L. Segel


We think of her as being a sparkplug because she is so wonderfully high energy and opinionated, but her absolute favorite thing to do is stay in. And we love her because not only does she admit it, she does just that often. She loves to cook elaborate and every ordinary day special meals for family friends.  We are waiting for our invitation.

Litigation Partner, Goodwin Procter


Wendy Sheu


One of the most eye-opening experiences in her life was a 1998 trip through Bhutan when it was closed off to the world. Hiking through the Himalayas she got to do her favorite things — learn new things, meet new people. An financial services attorney with two children, her “down the road” dream is to have much more time to commit to volunteering and service to others.

VP & Associate Counsel, LPL Financial


Jackie Shoback


SVP, Retail & Consumer Marketing, TIAA-CREF


Nancy Simonian

Leadership Circle


For their 20th anniversary, she and her husband climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which we think is an exceptionally poetic and adventurous way to celebrate their journey. She loves powder skiing, preferably in Wyoming, and also modern art. Nancy is currently the CEO of a start-up pharmaceuticals company.

CEO, Syros Pharmaceuticals


Tamara Sitkoff

She manages the lives of three kids under 7, and helps to run the PTO for her children’s school. An ardent feminist who powerfully and passionately supports every woman’s right to self-actualize — to become and do whatever she wants. Yay. And she gave up sugar, which to some of us is an unimaginable feat. Way to go, Tamara.


Katherine Taudvin


Last year she ran her first marathon in 20+ years at 3:30, took a graduate course in a subject she’d never studied and ended ahead of all experts and made an award-worthy papier mache minion Halloween costume from directions off the web. Is there anything she can’t do? We think not. Intensely analytical, exceptionally multi-talented and fiercely loyal, we follow in her tracks in awe.

Read about her on our blog

Director of Operations, Boston Start-up


Nicole Underwood


With her Betty Page meets goth hairstyle and overall look, you could confuse Nicole with the intimidating lead singer in NY’s edgiest downtown band. Don’t go there. Or do, and then realize that this young member has creative marketing chops, serious business savvy and a warm heart spun of gold.  Sit next to her at the next meeting and float off the glow.

Marketing Specialist, Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women

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Kat Vandernoot


Founder, The B Fund

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Margaret Wagner

Vice President, First Atlantic Capital

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Cynthia Walden

As well read as anyone you have ever met, Cynthia should be your first call if you are wondering whether to pick up the latest Donna Tartt or Claire Messud. She devoured it on her kindle commuting from Maine to her job as the head of the Trademark Department for Boston’s premier Intellectual Property law firm before you realized it hit the shelf. Oh, and both “SheGives” and “Smart Women. Smart Giving” are safely protected trademarks for our group. Thanks, Cindy.

Principal, Fish & Richardson, P.C.


Claire Walton

Managing Partner, Liberty Square Asset Management

C.A. Webb


Executive Director, New England Venture Capital Association

Katherine Scott

Katherine Westlund Scott

Board Member


A board member of SheGives, moved to Boston from San Diego with her husband. She works as The Director of Youth Philanthropy leading Youth Philanthropy Connect, a manifestation of her ambitious desire to make the world a better place.

Director of Youth Philanthropy, Youth Philanthropy Connect

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Emily Woods

If you want to have a conversation with somebody really smart about our educational system, you can not do better than Emily. She merges her intense passion for the subject with her razor sharp intelligence, as well as her years as a teacher in Boston’s public school system to form her well-considered views. Also the mother of three girls.  Consider yourself lucky to share ideas with her. Particularly over a glass of wine. A devoted oenophile, she likes some oak in her Chardonnay.

Education Consultant


Janelle Woods-McNish


Beauty, brains, and heart, this former Mrs. Massachusetts has the intellectual heft and commitment to the community to match her stunning looks. A Texan by birth, a Dorchester resident by choice, she is always Boston Strong.

Director, Service and Giving, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation


Janet Wu


Wondering what the blur that just outlapped you was? That was Janet. She travels at the speed-of-light everywhere she goes. Which is everywhere. Including the tops of Kilimanjaro, Everest and Macchu Picchu. You know her as a tireless tv reporter who volunteers to emcee countless charity events, but her passion extends to her insightful essays, which have been published all over, including the NY Times and the Boston Globe. Read her. We do.

Reporter/Anchor, WHDH-TV & Essayist

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Samantha Yanofsky


Owner & Photographer, SLY Photography


Nancy Zimmerman

Leadership Circle

Yea, she’s the founder of one of the smartest fixed income hedge funds in the world, but what you haven’t heard about is her instrumental support for something called the Scholar Rescue Fund. Among other things, it airlifts scholars whose lives are threatened because their scholarship doesn’t conform out of persecution and delivers them to temporary safe havens in other countries. Safeguarding the pursuit of intellectual capital for society’s progress. When she is not at home with her three children and admiring husband or at work managing assets, that’s what she’s up to. Thanks, Nancy.

Founder, Boston hedge fund