New Non-Profit on the SheGives Slate: Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders


Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders have been working since 1978 to win precedent-setting legal victories combatting discrimination against LGBT people. Their advocacy over the years has helped to create a world with less discrimination and stigma on the basis of sexual orientation, HIV status, and gender identity and expression. Their work has improved the lives of individuals, families, and couples in New England and across the United States. They employ a combined strategy of litigation, public policy advocacy, and education in order to work toward creating a just society and an equal world. They take on tough issues and do difficult work to ensure that every person has equal protection under the law, and their work fighting prejudice against the LGBT community has resulted in a number of victories ensuring that LGBT people and people living with HIV have equal opportunity in family life, school, housing, employment, and healthcare.

SheGives is very excited to support the important work that GLAD is doing! Their legal advocacy is achieving important victories for the LGBT community, making people’s lives safer and easier.

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