Personal Training Sessions at Inner City Weightlifting


Under the guidance of coaches, the high-risk teens at Inner City Weightlifting learn the skills they need to become personal trainers. For these youth, the gym provides a supportive community, a living wage, and an opportunity to start a career, and the clients they train are an important piece of that. Their clients form the basis of a social network that can help them access academic and job opportunities and be upwardly mobile. Since clients come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, working with them gives the teens at ICW a chance to move away from the segregation and isolation that is frequently part of their lives as a result of poverty, lack of educational opportunities, or a criminal record. For their clients, a session with the youth trainers at ICW provides not only a good workout but an opportunity to meet these young people and see them as individuals full of potential rather than as statistics.

If the personal training you could receive from the young adults at Inner City Weightlifting sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out their website to book your own session with a trainer!

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