RAW Art Works Presents: The Truth Is


This past Thursday, May 14, RAW Artists presented their truth in Central Square in Lynn as part of an art exhibition. The exhibition featured a reception and art show, along with a graduation ceremony for the program’s seniors, and a film screening. This is an annual event held by RAW every spring.

Theme was devised by Laura Mennuci, an art therapist and the outreach coordinator for RAW. Students had to finish the sentence “The truth is…” with their own personal truth. This was a difficult task for many students, many of whom had never shared this information or who had a difficult time talking openly about the truths they found in their lives. Mary Flannery, RAW founder, called the process of watching the students learn their truths, “inspiring.”

The event also included awarding of scholarships to five outgoing seniors at RAW. Those attending the event agreed that it was a wonderful experience. Despite the challenging theme, the students also agree that being a part of RAW is beneficial to their lives. ” When I say I’m going home I’m referring to RAW, it’s my second home,” said senior Justin Guzman.

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