SheGives’ own Research and Management Fellow Chelsea Norman Joins Science Club for Girls


Fellow Chelsea NormanEarly this spring our very own Chelsea Norman joined Science Club for Girls as their Volunteer Program Director.  We caught up with her, and Science Club’s ED Lonsdale Koester, to find out more!

SG: So Chelsea, how did you first hear about Science Club and what made you want to be involved?

Chelsea: Interestingly, I heard about Science Club for Girls when I was volunteering with SheGives. When I started doing the financial diligence on the new non-profits, Science Club for Girls was the “example” organization we used to practice. I was blown away by the organization’s mission and impact, and the anecdotes about the programs brought me to tears. It was easy to see that Science Club for Girls is making a difference in our community, and I wanted to be part of that.

SG: And Lonsdale, any chance Chelsea’s stellar work with SheGives gave her an edge :)?

Lonsdale: I was so excited to hire Chelsea as SCFG’s Volunteer Program Director earlier this year.  One of the things that caught my eye in her application was her experience working with SheGives.  We are proud to be part of the SheGives slate, because we know what a phenomenal group of women you are and how carefully you vet the organizations you select.  I knew before I even met Chelsea that her work with SheGives was practically a perfect indicator that she’d be successful at SCFG, not only a hard worker and great colleague but also a terrific spokeswoman and recruiter for our organization, as well.  She has jumped right in and made an immediate impact on our team, and that is already translating to impact on our volunteers and the girls we serve.  Thank you for sharing her with us!

SG: One last question for you, Chelsea, how can SheGives members get involved with Science Club?

Chelsea: SheGives members can volunteer with us in a variety of ways; specifically, we are looking for female mentors to lead our clubs in Lawrence and Dorchester. A STEM background is not necessary in order to apply. Visit to fill out an application. Additionally, we are actively recruiting Science Club for Girls ‘Ambassadors.’ Ambassadors serve as a liaisons between their personal networks and our organization. We are consistently looking for ways to grow our base and increase our visibility. To learn more about our Ambassador’s program, visit

SheGives Fellow joins Science Club for Girls

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