SheShinesOn…Connie Chow, Science Club for Girls


Executive Director of SCFG for 8 years

Her mission is to galvanize individuals and institutions to support girls' equitable engagement in STEM

Claims to be not responsible enough to have children

Grew up in Hong Kong

What did you do before taking the helm at Science Club for Girls?

I was a tenure-track professor in biology at Simmons College. I’m trained as a molecular microbiologist, and always had an interest in education, in creating the a-ha moment – where beauty and certainty intersect. 

Being a faculty member is actually great preparation for being an executive director. You coach, create, read, research, experiment, represent, tell stories, write. Independent most of the time. Lots of multi-tasking and translating. 

Every step along my winding and varied career path has prepared me for the next step. Having started with a background in science, I am better able to make the connection between STEM professionals and the importance of our mission.

Sounds like you were able to hit the ground running! Did you have to learn anything in particular to do your job?

Accounting — somehow adding and subtracting seem much harder than calculus.

What has been the hardest part of running SCFG?

Effectively and creatively harnessing the amazing variety of experiences and people who want to contribute to our cause. Volunteer talent management CAN be a full time job! 

And has anything surprised you about your work?

Im surprised by how aware young women, especially young women of color, of the negative stereotypes and barriers society places upon them, and how eager they are to transcend those and prove that they are ambitious, hard-working, giving and joyful if allowed.

Okay, last question. What would the world be like without SCFG?

Homogenous and joyless! (Only partially joking). Without SCF We’d see yet another generation of women who would grow up and say, “I wish I had this when I was growing up. Then my life choices would be different”.

Dr. Chow will be stepping down from her position as Executive Director of SCFG as of December 12 of this year. More information regarding the search for a new Executive Director can be found here.

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