SheShinesOn…Katie Hickey, Teach Plus


T3 Coach for Teach Plus for the past 4 years

Previously worked as a middle school reading and writing teacher

Currently reading "Once We Were Brothers" by Ronald H. Balson

Q: So what exactly do you do with T3

As a school-based coach, I work one-on-one with T3 teacher leaders to support their leadership development, and I work closely with the cohort as a group and the school’s principal to align the work of all teacher teams in service of the school goals.

Q: Sounds awesome! Did you previously work in education?

In the past, I was a grade level team leader and I supported the development of new teachers. I also have a deep understanding of the importance of using data to drive instruction, which has been critically important to my work with T3.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are interested in TeachPlus and leadership development?

Empowering teachers to become leaders within their schools is a critical, long-term investment for school improvement. The work of coaching teacher leaders is extremely rewarding because every school and every teacher leader is different, and it allows daily opportunities for creative and collaborative problem solving. My advice is to stay focused on student achievement, be flexible, and have fun!

Q: That’s great advice! And how do you like to have fun?

This summer my family went on a cruise that took us to Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. Visiting Ephesus was incredible!

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