SheShinesOn…Lauren Palumbo, Lovin’ Spoonfuls


Operations Director for Lovin' Spoonfuls since March 2013

In this role she manages manage the team of 2 drivers and vehicles, and relationships with over 40 partners

2013 Chicago Marathon participant

From Stow, MA

Q: What did you do before working with Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

A: I held a few positions in marketing, operations, and event planning across the non-profit sector and for a restaurant group.  My varied background has given me the basis I need to manage the various aspects of my position in a small organization.

Q: What job or training best prepared you to work in food rescue?

A: Immediately before coming to Lovin’ Spoonfuls I was with New France, a Boston-based restaurant group, and worked with a number of different teams and was given autonomy to complete my work and grow my skills. That has served me well at ‘Spoonfuls where we work with all sorts of people and manage a lot of moving parts.

Q: What did you have to learn to do in order to be able to do your job?

A: How to jump a diesel truck with two batteries…

How to store and handle meat (or any food) properly…

How to navigate Boston while avoiding truck-prohibited roads…

How to work with a grocery store receiver…

How to build an inventory system that works for food rescue…

How to convince a grocery store throwing food away doesn’t make sense…

How to minimize food waste at home…

So many things had to be learned, and I am still learning every day.  We are a young, growing organization, and each week is different.  But we have a fantastic team and we are all enjoying learning together.

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