SheShinesOn…Nitita Pongsanarakul, BUILD


College Access Program Manager for BUILD for 2 years

Previously taught English as a Second Language in Thailand

Last vacationed in Toronto, Canada

Q: What are some of the things you’ve learned from your time with BUILD?

I had to learn about the Boston Public School system as well as each of our individual partner high schools’ curriculum, staff, policies, and programs. I am also learning requirements for colleges and universities nation-wide as well as researching outside resources. I am observing and learning teaching methods to ensure students achieve and maintain high school graduation and college eligibility requirements.

Q: Do you have any advice for SheGives members who are interested in getting more involved with nonprofits?

For people who are entering the non-profit education world with no prior experience, my advice would be to volunteer with different organizations. My only non-profit experience has been with BUILD but having worked in one non-profit, you become exposed to other organizations that have different organizational management and team culture. It’s important to explore different organizations to find the one that is the right fit and supports the right mission for you.

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