SheShinesOn…Ryan Oliver, BUILD


Site Director for BUILD for nearly 3 years

Spent 11 years as a high school social studies and humanities teacher

Companion to one wiley cat

Works with the BUILD team to create the educational vision for BUILD Boston, developing innovative and high quality programming

Q: You’ve already spent considerable time in front of students as a high school teacher. What other work helped prepare you to work with BUILD?

As a director of a community-based summer program, I focused on providing urban students with cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities that inspired their development and future success. I also spent a year conducting comprehensive reviews for district and charter schools, then writing reports for state and non-profit authorizing agencies.

Q: What has surprised you most since starting your work with BUILD?

I have been most surprised, and inspired, by the overwhelming desire of so many busy and brilliant people to dedicate themselves to our students and mission. Perhaps even more impressive is that so many of these busy and brilliant people are just as interested in learning—from their students, from our teachers and staff, from their fellow mentors—as they are in sharing what they know with others.

Q: Do you have any kids of your own?

I have one cat and one nephew-son. I’ve had little success in inspiring independence and kindness in the cat, but my nephew-son is doing very well.

Q: What book(s) are you reading now?

I just finished “Stranger in a Strange Land”. As promised, it was strange. However, the central concept of patience as fundamental to understanding and peace was quite moving.

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