SheShinesOn…Sierra Morton, College Bound Dorchester


College Readiness Advisor for CBD for 3 years

Hails from Detroit, MI

Supports high school seniors to reach both high school graduation and college entry

Holds a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies

Q: What brought you to CollegeBound Dorchester?

The summer of my junior year, I interned with the COO of College Bound Dorchester and volunteered for the Adolescent Development department. After graduation, I was called to work full time for the AD department, which is now part of College Connections.

Q: What previous job or training best prepared you to work with CBD?

My training at New Sector Alliance and the United Negro College Fund in the summer of 2010. I also have served various communities through various positions in education, prevention and elections.

Q: What has been the hardest part about your role?

I can’t claim the hardest part of my job. Every day may present a different challenge. The key to success for any College Readiness Advisor is to have strong, trustworthy relationships with your students.

Q: What is one thing you’ve learned from working with students?

I had to learn to instead of hand-holding my students through every step of their journey, I must allow them to use critical thinking skills to brainstorm multiple solutions to their various challenges.

Q: What would the world be like without your organization?

It would be like other cities in Massachusetts and the nation; communities without resources to create stability in their life for people 18-27 without high school diplomas and/or bad k-12 educational experiences.

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