TeachPlus: How to Vault Student Success? Reward Effective Teaching.



The mission of TeachPlus, an education initiative incubated at the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy in Cambridge, MA, is to increase the outcomes for urban students by ensuring that they have effective, experienced teachers. Research makes clear that teachers are the most important school-based variable in student success, yet the profession is not organized to reward excellence, promote teacher development, or retain top performers in the classroom. TeachPlus’s T3 Initiative, which sends high performing teachers into the most desperately failing urban public schools to turn those schools around, is on the SheGives slate because it is a thoughtful, powerful initiative to address these issues.

Celine Coggins, TeachPlus Founder & CEO

Celine Coggins, TeachPlus Founder & CEO

TeachPlus’ just launched book, Learning from the Experts: Teacher Leaders on Solving America’s Education Challenges (Harvard Education Press) takes on seven critical challenges facing education today from using data in schools, measuring effective teaching, recruiting and retaining high-performing teachers in struggling schools, building a performance-driven teaching profession, improving school leadership, and raising the status of the profession.

Monique Burns Thompson, President of TeachPlus

Monique Burns Thompson, President of TeachPlus

SheGives applauds TeachPlus for its relentless efforts to advance the conversation on how to improve our failing public schools with the considered views and voices of teachers. We congratulate its bold leaders, Celine Coggins and Monique Burns Thompson, on their audacious mission. SheGives is honored to have TeachPls :: T3 Initiative on our slate.

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