WhoIsShe? SheGives Founder Kirstan Barnett


Founder & President of SheGives

Dog lover

Single; widowed in 2008 and officially back in the blessed, unruly world again

Enjoys golf, tennis, cooking and reading. Also Burgundy reds.

Favorite places: Always love a few days in Jackson, Wyoming or a weekend at the Greenwich Hotel in NYC

General Counsel & Partner, Boston-based hedge fund

Q: What is the most exciting thing you have going on in your life right now?

A: I am trying to buy some land in Wyoming. It is my way of wrangling family and friends to join me out there for skiing, hiking, fly fishing, biking…and eating my food. A pretty well known architect based in the West, John Carney, is designing a simple, modest lodge to go on it — sort of a light, airy, modern-Western lodge. And then I will have to decorate it… with modern-Westerny things. That will be a fun contrast since my day-to-day life is nestled here in New England, and I live in a converted old stone church. I hope I pull this off.

Q: Are you a good cook?

A: Yes, when I remember to turn the oven on. Sorry to everyone who came for Thanksgiving last year! Actually, I am. I especially love to serve comfort food.

Q: And what  else do you do for fun around Boston?

A: I am studying wine with my friend Emily, also a SheGives member (as it happens).  I am trying to convince her to ultimately open an upscale earthy, warm and tangy wine bar with me.  Wouldn’t that be great to add to the mix in Boston?  But first we have to get through wine school, and I am still confusing my sangiovese with my merlot in blind taste tests.  Not to mention keeping Spain’s tempranillo straight from a Cote du Rhone.

SheGives connects committed, inquisitive, engaged funders with a slate of diligenced nonprofits in the Greater Boston area.  We provide members with relevant data about the nonprofits in our portfolio and an opportunity to meet directly with our nonprofits’ Executive Directors and senior staff in small settings that promote in-depth q&a’s and, ultimately, informed giving.  Giving is personally driven, but because we give side-by-side our collective impact is greater.

WhoIsShe is a regular column featuring an appreciative but sometimes irreverent conversation with a SheGives Member.

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