BUILD Students Dress and Impress in Mock Interviews


FullSizeRender (2)Last week BUILD students buttoned-up their shirts, straightened their ties, fired up their resumes and visited Boston’s financial district to interview with some of the city’s (and the world’s!) biggest financial firms.  They came dressed to impress – and impress they did!

“To be fourteen and this confident – I wish I was this ahead of the game!” one volunteer commented after the program.

BUILD ignites the potential of students in under-resourced communities through entrepreneurship based experiential learning.  BUILD students learn how to run a business, pitch a product, and give a fantastic interview not through sitting through a lecture, but by actually trying these things.

In the weeks prior to the mock interviews, BUILD students tirelessly prepared with mentors and BUILD staff.  They learned how to develop and showcase their personal brand, how to write a resume, and how to give a good – and bad – interview!

During the mock interview program, students first interviewed the volunteers.  To the students’ surprise, the volunteers slouched, texted, gave one word answers, and gave what the students had learned to be an ineffective interview.  BUILD students evaluated the volunteers’ performance before launching into an interview of their own.  The program ended with BUILD’s “Closing Circle,” a time where volunteers, students, and staff gather together to reflect on the session.

The verdict?  Students reported that the experience was very helpful, especially as they look forward to applying for summer jobs.



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