The 2014 Boston Marathon field will include well over 3,000 runners who are fundraising for extraordinary causes around Greater Boston.  We believe that in addition to giving to deserving charities, these runners are a very powerful embodiment of Boston’s resiliency, generosity and pride.  In that sense, they are running for all of us.

Let’s find them.  And thank them.

SheGives wants to inspire everyone in the Greater Boston community to give to the nonprofit fundraising campaign of someone who is running for a charity.  In this meaningful and tangible way, we will all — running or not — very much be “in the race”.  By giving to these friends, neighbors and fellow Bostonians, we will be honoring the runners, our City and its fearless first responders and everyone affected by last year’s Marathon bombings. By supporting them, with every step starting in Hopkinton we will be taking back the oldest marathon in America from the sons of [expletive] who took it from us last year, and giving it back to this City, to all of us.

Find Them.  Thank Them.

SheGives will help make that easier for you.  SheGives will be launching our WE ARE ALL RUNNERS THIS YEAR Campaign for the 2014 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 7th, 2014 with our first Roll Call of Runners for Extraordinary Causes.   Check it out at and @shegivesboston and find some runners to thank today.

Throw someone you don’t even know $10 today to support their run for an extraordinary cause.  Because we are all in this together.

If you or someone you know is raising money for a 501c3 charity that benefits New England, please send a link to their fundraising page and we will link to it in one of our daily Roll Call of Runners for Extraordinary Causes on our blog.  We will post links to everyone we hear from as long as the runner is a New Englander, and the charity is a 501c3 tax exempt charity that benefits New England.  Send your fundraising links to us at  And once you send a link in, please give to one of the runners on the list.  And pass it on.


Today’s Roll Call of 

Runners for Extraordinary Causes



Laura Gassner Otting has served on the Board of COLLEGE BOUND DORCHESTER for four years.  College Bound Dorchester is transforming talented kids at high risk in Dorchester into college graduates.  Laura was running College Bound’s team up Heartbreak Hill at last year’s Marathon when the bombs exploded.  This is the third Marathon that Laura has run on behalf of charities, and she has raised more than $30k combined running for charities to date.  Let’s help her raise the roof on that now.  College Bound was selected as a SheGives grantee, to learn more about it check out their website here.  Give to Laura’s run here! 

Sue Mullaney is running in her 20th Marathon.  This one is to raise money for the STEPPING STRONG FUND which was established by her friends the Reny’s to honor the emergency efforts of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital after last year’s Marathon bombings.   Steven and Audrey Epstein Reny were standing with their daughter Gillian at the Marathon finish line watching for Gillian’s sister Danielle to cross line when explosives went off.  Gillian was one of the 39 people with life-threatening injuries treated and saved by the BWH.  Read more about the Stepping Strong Fund and give to Sue’s run here.

Jennifer Gove‘s  first ever Marathon run is dedicated to LOVIN’ SPOONFULS, a food rescue that was selected as one of SheGives eight grantees its inaugural year.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls has saved over 1,000,000 pounds of healthy, perishable food and distributed it to the kitchens of many of the neediest community organizations around Greater Boston.  What could be more nurturing than that?  Check out Lovin’ Spoonfuls website here and give to Jen’s first marathon run here!

Ken Gordon, a lifelong resident and diehard fan of everything Boston is running for THE ONE FUND.  Before he began his Marathon training three months ago in February, Ken had never run.  At least not more than a little, and that was a really long time ago.  Why is he running? Because he loves Boston.  Like Big Papi, Ken is making the statement “This is OUR [expletive] city.  BOSTON STRONG.” Give to Ken’s run here.

Boston’s amazing MUSEUM OF SCIENCE has a team of 20 dedicated runners, five of whom were unable to finish last year’s Boston Marathon because of the explosions.  MOS’s team is raising funds for its Travelling Programs, which offer outreach programs to schools, libraries, and community organizations all over New England.  They started with a single inflatable planetarium for astronomy programs and are now offering 25 different programs on subjects such as chemistry, physics, weather, animal biology and engineering.  To learn more about the Museum of Science check out its website here and donate to its fundraising page here.

WE ARE ALL RUNNERS Campaign for the 2014 Boston Marathon 

SheGives Black Circle Logo[2]

SheGives is a private Boston-based foundation launched in September 2013 that supports a slate of extraordinary nonprofits in the Greater Boston area.   SheGives is not seeking public donations for itself.  See a list of the heavily diligenced 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofits selected for our slate that are seeking direct donations thru their websites here.

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