College Bound Dorchester Is Transforming Its Community with Education


Imagine growing up in a world where your dreams are shut down, your options are limited, and your future is uncertain.  Imagine that only 11% of the residents in your community have a college degree, and that a third to half of your peers expect to spend time in prison at some point during their lifetime?  What decisions do you make?  What chances do you take?  Where do you end up?  And, what happens to your community?

Now, imagine a world where, from the start, prevention efforts exist to ensure that you know that you can be College Bound.  Imagine that, at any time, if you fall off the path, there is intervention to get you back to being College Bound.  Raising the stakes with some of the hardest to reach young people in one of the toughest neighborhoods of Boston, we believe in College Bound Dorchester.

And, when we say toughest, we mean toughest.  College Bound Dorchester works with the shooters.  Literally.  It works with the kids that no one else will; it’s expensive and impact takes time.  But the impact of moving these young people off the street, out of the school-to-prison pipeline, and onto a path of being College Bound changes lives and transforms neighborhoods. And, the economic effect isn’t too shabby either: for each student who has at least one year of college, there is a $650,000 value to the state.

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SheGives is proud to have College Bound Dorchester on its slate.  Check out more about their work here.


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