SheShinesOn…Alison Miller, RAW Art Works


Art Therapist

Has worked with RAW for 4 years

Works with children and teens, running therapeutic, art-based groups

Has been a part of RAW since she was 14 years-old

Grew up in Lynn, MA

Describes herself as an awful cook

Q: Please tell us a little about you professional experience

I have been a part of RAW since I was 14. After graduating from college, I taught art in the Lynn Public School System and ran groups at RAW part time. I was also once employed as a care giver for an organization that provided adults with special needs for three years.

Q: Was there any previous job or training that was able to best prepare you to work at RAW Art Works?

My own personal experience of being a “RAW kid” 12 years ago is probably the most valuable training I could have ever had for the job of an art therapist today. The experience of going through the program itself showed me that the arts were a valid, powerful tool for therapeutic expression.

Q: What has been the hardest part about your job?

The most difficult part of my job at this point is connecting the kids I work with to outside resources that can assist them further with taking care of basic needs such as food and shelter. Many of the kids and teens I see come from extremely low income families and getting basic needs met is always a top priority.

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to people who are interested in your org’s type of work?

My piece of advice for someone looking into working as an Art Therapist at RAW is, know that we are given many chances to nurture the youth we see. Sometimes change and growth take time. Be consistent and follow through with your commitments, it’s what some of these kids need the most.

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