SheShinesOn…Beth Niernberg, My Life My Choice


Clinical Director at My Life, My Choice for 4 years

She provides professional development and clinical support to the whole MLMC program, staff and children.

She's a phenomenal personal chef and mother to three boys and two dogs

Grew up in New York

Q: Tell us a little more about what you’ve done in this field.

I have been a clinician for 20 years. I have a great deal experience working with folks with a great deal of trauma, multigenerational trauma and poverty. I have extensive experience working with systems of service delivery in and around the Boston area.

Q: What previous job or training best prepared you to work here?

Working with trauma and poverty, abuse, and neglect in all of my previous positions has prepared me for working with exploited children, but the best training I have had was actually sitting and listening to the people I have had the honor to work with.

Q: What did you have to learn to do in order to be able to do your job with MLMC?

I’ve learned to deal with uncertainty and sometimes a lack of control over how to help change things for folks.

Q: What would the world be like without MLMC?

Children in our community would be at huge risk for exploitation.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are interested in your org’s type of work?

Find ways to contribute a little bit at a time. You don’t have to commit your whole life – just stick your toe in.

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