SheShinesOn…Jermai Harrison, BUILD


AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring - Mentor Coordinator since the Fall of 2013

Previously an AmeriCorps member at the Old Colony Y-Big Sister Big Brother program in Brockton

Raised in Framingham and now lives in Brockton

Last and best meal was a falafel salad - one of the best things she had tasted in a very long time

Q: What would the world be like without BUILD?

Without BUILD, I do not think youth would have a healthy outlet to utilize their creativity and knowledge. BUILD works with youth that other programs will not take in or work with for FOUR years! We work hard to ensure that every student has a meaningful experience while being enrolled in our program.

Q: Who plays a part in helping BUILD students?

Mentors, BUILD Teachers, Venture Advisors, Academic Coaches, Judges, Volunteers, and BUILD staff are all key components in transforming students into successful young adults!

Q: Tell us a bit about your AmeriCorps experience with BUILD.

Being an Ambassador of Mentoring greatly prepared me for BUILD! I learned how to balance the hectic work schedule of those working in a non-profit and how to both directly and indirectly affect the lives of young people within our communities. It was also helpful to learn more about how mentoring effects the communities and the best practices on supporting Mentors.

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