BUILD uses entrepreneurship to help high school students start their own businesses so they can be engaged in school and stay on track for college.

BUILD’s student teams are launching a campaign to try and raise a total of $10,000 and if you invest, you’ll get one of the student products. Plus 10% of the money you give will go directly to the teams while the other 90% will go towards doubling the number of student business teams so that hundreds more Boston students can participate. The campaign is a way to teach the students about how crowdfunding and social media can be used as tools for business.

The teams participating are listed below:

  • Adorkable Lidz (customizable beanie hats)
  • B-Ties (versatile bow tie necklaces for men and women)
  • Clip Cup (a clip on cup holder)
  • Cookie Boss (delicious cookies)
  • Color Bars (colorful candy chocolate bars)
  • Econizer (eco-friendly office supplies)
  • Fusions (portable speakers for your iPhone or desktop)
  • Gaming Generations (student designed stickers)
  • Glare Hair (glow-in-the-dark hair extensions)
  • Glassics (interchangeable sleeves for the frame of your eye glasses)
  • Magic Bars (delicious baked goods)
  • Pet Protect (an LED light for dog collars with reflective tape)
  • Piece of Denim (fashion accessories made from re-purposed jeans)
  • Pocket Socks (socks with zipper pockets)
  • Revamp’D (shoelace charms)
  • Sleepy Headz (2-in-1 accessory that serves as a scarf and a pillow)
  • Straight Bumpin’ into High School (a guide/tip book for high school freshman)
  • U-Phone (umbrella for your iPhone)
  • VersiBrush (hair brush with an attachable pouch)

Find out more about BUILD’s Indiegogo campaign and how you can donate here

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