SheShinesOn… Käthe Swabeck


Program Director

Has been with RAW Art Works since 1994

Grew up in Sacramento, CA

Mother to adopted twins

Q: Please describe your job in one sentence.

A: The Program Director oversees the development, coordination and administration of all aspects of RAW’s 50+ programs including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and supporting staff in their roles and program activities.

Q: And what previous job or training was best able to prepare you for your work at RAW?

A: Before RAW, I worked as a psychiatric aide and art therapist for an 8-year-old boy with Bi-polar illness for 35 hours a week for an entire year. This was a deep intensive humbling experience where I learned a lot about working with explosive children, creative limit setting and positive reinforcement, the power of art therapy, and how to support families who are giving it their all and who are depleted.

Q: What would the world be like without your organization?

A: I think the world would be ok but 1400 youth each year would be missing a rich, deep experience in creativity, problem solving, and connection to this world.

Q: Finally, what has most surprised you since starting your with with RAW?

A: The good side: How deep engagement with youth in the arts can lead to such positive outcomes in skills, identity, and connection to others.

The hard side: Our society’s lack of resources, lack of skilled workers, and lack of funding for our youth – especially for our youth who have suffered trauma, sexual abuse, and have other forms of PTSD.

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