SheShinesOn…Melissa Higgins, Engineering is Elementary


Director of Curriculum Development

Has worked with the Museum of Science for 10 years!

Caretaker of one Sammy T. Cat (“T” stands for The)

Received her undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies

Tell us about your work with EiE.

I guide our amazing curriculum development team in creating the vision for all of our curricular materials. We’re always challenging ourselves to develop engineering activities that are exciting and engaging to kids, and help them see their potential as global problem solvers.

Q: What did you do before joining the EiE team?

I worked as an exhibit interpreter in the MoS. The experience of interacting with visitors to teach them about scientific principles gave me my first taste of what a great teaching moment feels like.

Q: What would the world be like without EiE’s work?

Every day my team comes to work excited to create, think critically, and solve problems through engineering. Our ultimate goal is to share all of that excitement about engineering and problem solving with the children who use our curriculum. As hokey as it might sound, we really do believe we’re changing the world for the better, one child at a time.

Q: Finally, on a personal note – what was your last, best meal?

Every season my husband and I pick a new neighborhood of restaurants to explore. This fall was Chinatown. While there are many amazing hidden gems there, we really enjoyed the modern twists on traditional Chinese dishes at Shojo. And they have a huge monkey and sake mural on the wall that’s not to be missed!


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