SheShinesOn…Natacha Meyer, Engineering is Elementary


Senior Curriculum Developer for EiE

Designs engaging and relevant hands-on engineering curriculum for elementary and middle school aged children

Currently reading “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz

Grew up in Brooklyn, NY

Q: What did you do before joining the EiE team?

A: Before being a full time curriculum developer, I was a middle school learning specialist at a charter school in Roxbury, MA. Prior to this, I taught science and engineering to middle and high school students in California and Massachusetts.

Q: That sounds like pretty solid training for designing an engineering curriculum for youth!

A: Yes, having firsthand experience as an educator and designing STEM curriculum for students with diverse learning differences has been invaluable in forming the lens through which I develop our curriculum.

Q: How would you describe your work with EIE? What is your job boiled down to one sentence?

A: One of my roles in the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) team is to design engaging and relevant hands-on engineering curriculum for out-of-school time settings for elementary and middle school aged children.

Q: Has there been anything surprising about your work with EiE?

A: I have been happily surprised by the truly collaborative nature of the curriculum development process at EiE. Not only do I work closely with my colleagues within EiE and the Museum of Science, but I rely on feedback from educators who pilot our units to improve our curriculum.

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