SheShinesOn…Owen Berliner, Engineering is Elementary


Senior Curriculum Developer since September, 2011

His job is to create fun engineering activities for kids involved in the afterschool Engineering Adventures programs

His career has been like a time travel novel - formerly worked on archaeological excavations and now develops new ways to use interactive ed. technology

Last vacationed in Costa Rica, where he attempted surfing for the first time

Q: Before coming to EiE you had a range of roles in youth programs, archaeology, and cube farms. What kind of training prepared you to work with youth on engineering education?

I did a lot of research in grad school that analyzed some of the reasons why many children gain knowledge and understanding of a particular topic after participating in an engaging, hands-on experience. Today, I often refer back to the knowledge I gained from that study when attempting to craft intellectually stimulating engineering activities.

Q: Why is incorporating engineering skills into education so important?

Our future depends on having a population that’s capable of engineering creative solutions to the big problems we face as a species. I think the work we’re doing at Engineering is Elementary is important because we’re developing tools that are designed to get a new generation of kids energized about engineering.

Q: That’s very cool! Finally, where do you go for a perfectly engineered meal?

I live in Boston’s North End so I’m constantly bombarded on the street with wonderful aromas from Italian cooking. My favorite place in the neighborhood serves up an awesome baked gnocchi that I just have to order every time I visit. It’s perfect comfort food for when the weather gets cold.

Engineering is Elementary® (EiE®) is the award-winning curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston through its National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®).

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