SheShinesOn…Tania Tauer, Engineering is Elementary


Curriculum Developer for EiE

Recently received a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder

Grew up in Richmond, VA

Currently taking a pottery class at MIT.

Q: Tell us, what do you do with the EiE team?

A: In addition to writing engaging engineering curricula for elementary and middle school students, I assist my teammates in organizing nation-wide pilot testing of each of our units to ensure they meet their learning goals when implemented in a variety of settings. I have also been involved in the development and facilitation of a professional development workshop to train out-of-school time (OST) staff members on how to effectively implement out two OST engineering curricula, Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere.

Q: What did you have to learn to do in order to be able to do your work?

A: During graduate school I learned how to implement the Engineering Design Process and communicate effectively about engineering to a broad audience. These skills have translated well in my current role as we work to deliver engaging activities that cover a wide range of engineering topics to kids and youths across the country.

Q: What job or training best prepared you to work with EiE?

A: Working as a graduate student in a chemical engineering research lab enabled me to implement the Engineering Design Process every day! This  experience gave me a unique perspective with which to write engineering-related curricula.

Engineering is Elementary® (EiE®) is the award-winning curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston through its National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®).

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