WhoIsShe? SheGives Member Katherine Scott


Married to Mike Scott, who she met in college in Ohio; they've been together ever since

She got married at an apple orchard in Michigan, where she had donuts instead of a cake (Yum!)

Her favorite TV show is Rizzoli and Isles for the mystery and the Boston references

Loved Lucille Ball growing up and still loves shows with strong female characters

Has 2 masters degrees from Indiana University in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management

Has lived in and been engaged in philanthropy in 6 different states!

Q: To start out, can you tell us a little about your work with Youth Philanthropy Connect?

A: Of course. I actually just started recently with Youth Philanthropy Connect, a special project of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation.  The foundation is located in LA, but I work remotely from Boston with a nationwide scope of work.  YPC is an exciting new way for youth engaged in philanthropy to connect across a peer network to learn and engage together.  I am thrilled to connect with and learn from these smart, inspired youth to support them in growing and connecting.  This year, we are holding 5 regional convenings across the country, so if any SheGives members have youth ages 8 to 25 interested in philanthropy or engaged, I am happy to share more information.

Q: When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite things to do and places to go?

A: I love finding new things about my city that are well-known, like Tatte for their amazing nationally-known baked goods.  I live in Medford, so I am always exploring, as well as I go every weekend to the Special Care Nursery at MGH to cuddle babies.  Some of what makes Boston so special are our amazing nonprofits so I am always learning locally too!

Q: So, in regards to SheGives, why did you want to pursue being a Board Member?

A: SheGives is an organization that inspires me everyday.  I am excited about the impact that has happened to date and the power of bringing together a group of women to give to such well diligenced nonprofits. So to put it simply, SheGives is amazing and joining the board was something I said yes to immediately.  I knew I wanted to be more engaged and am thrilled to join and excited to get put to work.

Q: Finally, who brought you into SheGives and what do you like best about her?

A: Laura Gassner Otting introduced me to SheGives.  I have known her throughout my work in nonprofit capacity building and been amazing to learn from her impact on the nonprofits she serves through NPAG. Laura introduced me to Kirstan and SheGives. I was immediately on board to be engaged in any way possible and excited to bring my professional experience into the fold to help build the work or diligence nonprofits.

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SheGives connects committed, inquisitive, engaged donors with a slate of diligenced nonprofits in the Greater Boston area. We provide members with relevant data about the nonprofits in our portfolio and an opportunity to meet directly with our nonprofits’ Executive Directors and senior staff in small settings that promote in-depth q&a’s and, ultimately, informed giving. Giving is personally driven, but because we give side-by-side our collective impact is greater. See a list of the vetted nonprofits selected for our slate here.

WhoIsShe is a regular column featuring an appreciative but sometimes irreverent conversation with a SheGives Member.

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