Science Is Cultural Literacy


Wow! This article on by Belle Boggs gives a new twist to the importance of STEM education.


It isn’t just about preparing kids to compete for high-stakes science and engineering jobs; it’s about preparing them to become true citizens of the world. The key is experiential learning which allows kids to make connections to their everyday lives, and ultimately, to lead a “life of agency.”

And it must be hands on. “When we replace real, connected science learning with worksheets and test booklets, we are robbing students of the chance to understand what is truly at stake in their lives.” We need to give all kids the ability to make informed decisions about key aspects of their everyday lives including health, reproductive rights, when and how to vote and environmental impact, to name a few.

Now, when thinking about Science Club for Girls, on our slate of non-profits, I see their mission as even more critical. Check out their Rocket Team and Girls with a ‘Z’ (Zebra Fish) programs, which do just that – provide hands-on science learning.

At Science Club For Girls’ recent Catalyst Awards event I got the chance to talk with a 10th grader on the Rocket Team who’s can’t wait for this year’s competition. She dismantled her latest rocket, explaining each component to me, and then told me about her teams’ improvement plans. Pretty inspiring stuff.

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The importance of STEM education for all kids, specifically, hands-on science learning as a necessity to lead a productive life.

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