We Are Ready to Help End the Sex Trafficking of Young Girls. Now. Will You Join Us?


SheGives supports My Life My Choice, which is the only nonprofit in Greater Boston focused on preventing the sex trafficking of young girls, and assisting young girls who want out of the life.  It is a survivor-led, groundbreaking initiative.  As discussed more fully in our previous piece, sex trafficking is a large and growing issue everywhere. Including here, in our home state. Here. In our home town. {pause. let that sink in.} At SheGives’ April meeting, we are going to have a small private meeting with the women who run My Life My Choice at the home of SheGives Founder Kirstan Barnett. They are going to tell us more about this human nightmare. And they are going to tell us what they are doing about it. Their life’s work on the frontlines — frightening, daring, risky and absolutely necessary.

But right now you can watch this short video. Called The Long Night by Emmy winning production company Media Storm, which is a trailer for a documentary length feature film on the sex trafficking of young girls in Seattle. We will let you know when we learn more about when it is going to be released.

The Long Short Night, by Tim Mitsui.

For more hard, cold facts also read this Forbes article titled Selling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic Sex-Trafficking.

If you want to do more now — and we believe that you do — go to the website for My Life My Choice and make a donation.  Please.  Or, just make yourself more aware.  If you are anything like us, then until you start learning about the subject you have no idea of the severity or gravity of the crisis.  Neither did we, until we started doing research on this subject in earnest as we undertook our diligence for the SheGives slate.

My Life My Choice is holding their Annual Big Fundraiser, Turn On the Light, on April 10th.  Join us there.  You can get more information here.

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